Environmental Onsite Testing
On-Site Testing
Using XRF and UVF technology.
Environmental Site Assessment and Record of Site Condition
Site Characterization
Find out about our ESA and RSC services.
Landfill monitoring
Landfill Monitoring
Need help with landfill monitoring or regulatory approval?
site remediation and cleanup
Clean-up & Remediation
AEL specializes in site cleanup, remediation and remediation management on diverse sites.

Phase I/II ESA

Environmental Site Assessments (ESAs) are used to make informed decisions about property transactions.


Customized Contaminated Site Remediation and Environmental Site Clean Up Designed for YOUR Project.

On-Site Testing

The use of on-site environmental testing for soil (and groundwater) provides accurate real-time results.

Risk Assessment

Ontario’s Standard for Environmental Due Diligence through Record of Site Condition (RSC).

Due Diligence

Environmental Compliance Consulting and Environmental Audit Services.

Ontario Environmental Consulting Firm Specializing in Site Assessment and Remediation

Since 1987, AEL Environment has been providing clients with a full scope of environmental assessment and remediation services. With thousands of successful projects throughout Ontario and in remote regions of Canada, AEL specializes in providing effective solutions to challenging environmental impacts. From a simple Phase I ESA to complex remediation projects on massive industrial sites, AEL’s is YOUR environmental consulting firm, with engineers and environmental scientists who understand the nature of environmentally impacted sites and are equipped with industry-leading tools and approaches.

Guided by the MOE’s Ontario Regulation 153/04 (Amended 269/11), AEL is an environmental consulting firm who works with clients to reduce liability through environmental site assessment, and, if necessary, remediation. This includes a variety of approaches and strategies, like AEL’s industry-leading on-site testing technology which can give high quality screening analysis of metals, PHCs and more within minutes. Remediation can also include risk assessment and risk management, led by AEL’s team of risk assessment professionals, including an in-house QPRA.

Managing YOUR Environmental Liability

Managing environmental liability is an important issue for land owners in Ontario. There are many benefits to understanding and addressing environmental issues that may be present on your site, including reduced liability, more confident decision-making, and even financial incentives from local and provincial government for remediating brownfields sites. Phase I and Phase II ESAs are important steps in understanding the history and current condition of a site, and AEL Environment provides the expertise necessary to dig deep into these assessments to uncover any environmental issues that may be present. With a team of several Qualified Persons (QPs) under O. Reg. 153/04, AEL is capable of advocating for clients from the beginning of site characterization through to the successful filing of a Record of Site Condition (RSC).

If you’re concerned about environmental liability on a site you own, or need an environmental consultant, AEL is eager to provide the information you need. Senior engineers are available to offer advice and explain the ESA or remediation process. To learn more about O. Reg. 153/04, click the link below.

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