Mapping Takes Flight – UAV Services with AEL

Why Environmental Engineering Firms Are Using Drone-Based Mapping:


AEL is excited to be utilizing drone-based mapping on some of our clients’ sites right now. This technology allows highly accurate, full-property topographic data to be captured and incorporated into the analysis of an environmental site. 


How UAVs Are Used During Site Assessments:

First, the UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) is prepared, and the landing parachute is folded and installed. The onboard camera is checked and programmed to take shots of the terrain below the plane at regular intervals.


Next, the UAV is launched into the air and flown to a maximum altitude of 900ft. It flies back and forth in a tight pattern to capture each part of the site.


These images will be knit together into a single image of the site and will provide a high-resolution digital elevation model. This elevation model can be used to estimate stockpile volumes, plan site drainage, or map slopes outside permitted allowances.

AEL’s GIS Specialist collects additional data points using GPS equipment on the ground, giving an additional layer of information and accuracy. The resulting survey will have an accuracy of +-10cm.

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