AEL in the News – Resolute Bay, Nunavut

Recently, AEL completed a major abatement project in Canada’s Far North. A logistically challenging endeavour, AEL was proud to be part of a highly capable team to manage this work. The project was completed over 3 seasons due to the harsh climate of the region.

The client, NAV CANADA, had this to say about AEL:

“From start to finish, this has been a twisting, turning, challenging and difficult project. I am grateful to everyone who worked so diligently to plan and execute it safely, in particular Aziz Kheraj, Paul Wilson and Mike Vumbaca of AEL Environment and Jeremy Robinson of Quantum Murray.

“I applaud their patience, their ability to adapt to the unexpected, and their ingenuity in finding solutions with what scarce local resources were available.” – Ray Simonot, NAV CANADA, writing about AEL’s participation in the hazardous materials abatement of the Flight Services Station in Resolute Bay, Nunavut

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