Environmental Site Assessment Basic Evaluation Checklist

If you have an Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) and would like to determine if it will meet your needs, ask yourself these questions as a starting point for evaluating. If you answer, “yes” to these questions, you may need to get a new or updated ESA.

Record of Site Condition

  • Am I changing property use to more sensitive land use (e.g., industrial to residential)?
  • Is the report completed to CSA standards?

Age of the Report

  • Is the report older than 18 months?
  • Was this report written before July 2011?
  • Does my financial institution have a cut-off date for stale-dating reports?
  • Have conditions changed on/around the property since the report was written?

Outstanding Issues

  • Has a Phase 2 ESA been recommended but not completed?
  • Has a Phase 2 ESA identified contamination that has not been addressed through remediation or risk assessment?
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