Risk Assessment and Risk Management Measures

When a property does not meet generic environmental criteria, AEL can use risk assessment strategies to bring the property into regulatory compliance. Risk Assessment (RA) calculates the probability that a hazard (like environmental contamination of the soil) will cause harm to humans, plants, wildlife, or the surrounding environment under specific exposure conditions. This calculation made by expert risk assessor staff in conversation with the Ministry of the Environment, Parks and Conservation (MECP), helps to create property-specific standards that will protect the land from activities proposed for the site.

Time: An RA can take anywhere from several weeks to many months, as certain data must be gathered from the site before submitting an RA. AEL can help determine the time required for your unique site.

Cost: An RA can be significantly less expensive than traditional remediation on simple or complex sites. Cost depends on the environmental impacts, the site features, and other remedial options.

Risk Management Measures (RMM): RMM are processes to control or reduce the risk estimated by the RA. This could mean creating a barrier to prevent exposure, like putting an asphalt parking lot on top of contaminated soil. Risk Management Measures depend on the property owner’s goals for the site and are customized to meet their goals.

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