Did You Know AEL Offers On-Site Testing Services?

On-site laboratory testing is a practical and proven approach to directing site work and screening sample results during field activities. Using Triad strategies recommended by the US EPA, technologists process a high volume of soil samples, screening based on individual site characteristics, and provides quality screening data within minutes.

On-Site testing of soil or groundwater allows the environmental consulting team to create a dynamic work plan, real-time measurement of site conditions, and gives greater confidence in directing sampling locations and remedial excavation. The end result? Reduced cost for the site owner, and a more efficient approach to environmental assessment.

Detection Limits: On-Site testing can accurately detect many contaminants at concentrations below the O. Reg. 153/04 allowable limits, often similar to detection limits of CALA-certified laboratories

Capacity: AEL field scientists can analyze more than 50 samples per day and come prepared with a mobile, self-contained laboratory

Cost: Per-sample costs vary based on the contaminant and sample volume required for analysis, but are often less than 30% of the cost of traditional laboratory analysis, and can be completed concurrently with other site work

Service Area: AEL is based in Mississauga, ON, and serves clients throughout Canada, including the remote North.

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