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The AEL Advantage: How AEL Can Help with Asset Retirement Obligations (ARO)
Preparedness is crucial for public sector organizations managing their assets, but planning for their retirement has often been overlooked, leading to unnecessary costs and delays. The Asset Retirement Obligation (ARO) framework aims to help governments better prepare for and manage the financial implications of closing facilities. This includes public assets like school boards, municipalities, healthcare,...
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An Introduction to O.Reg 153/04
What is O.Reg 153/04? Ontario Regulation 153/04 is the provincial standard for the assessment and cleanup of the environmentally impacted land. Under O. Reg. 153/04, land owners can achieve liability protection from future clean-up requirements through a Ministry of the Environment, Parks and Conservation (MECP) acknowledged Record of Site Condition (RSC). In short, following the...
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