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AEL environment Announces Expansion with New Mississauga Office
We have exciting news for all property developers, sellers, managers, and buyers located in the Greater Toronto Area – AEL environment is opening a new office in the heart of Mississauga. The new Mississauga location will allow us to increase the accessibility of our services – while still retaining the benefit of our extensive team...
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Did You Know AEL Offers On-Site Testing Services?
On-site laboratory testing is a practical and proven approach to directing site work and screening sample results during field activities. Using Triad strategies recommended by the US EPA, technologists process a high volume of soil samples, screening based on individual site characteristics, and provides quality screening data within minutes. On-Site testing of soil or groundwater...
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Risk Assessment and Risk Management Measures
When a property does not meet generic environmental criteria, AEL can use risk assessment strategies to bring the property into regulatory compliance. Risk Assessment (RA) calculates the probability that a hazard (like environmental contamination of the soil) will cause harm to humans, plants, wildlife, or the surrounding environment under specific exposure conditions. This calculation made...
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AEL is hiring!
We’re looking for a risk assessment specialist to join our team in Mississauga.  Check out more here.
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What Are Environmental Studies Courses Teaching?
At AEL Environment we constantly look to growing and expanding our knowledge and expertise. That’s why we are interested in the experiences of students pursuing a career related to Environmental Studies – after all, they may someday become our colleagues. We invite you to check out these articles that discuss trends pertaining to Environmental Studies. ...
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