Category: Soil Contamination Clean-up
Not Just “Dirt”: Why Does Clean Fill Matter?
The Ontario Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change (MOECC) has identified improperly managed Soil Fill as an important potential contributor to contaminated sites. Soil to be moved from one property (Source Site) to a different property (Receiving Site) must be managed in order to prevent the discharge of a contaminant to the environment that...
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Remediation Approach: Screening and On-Site Testing at Remote Sites
 April 9th, 2014  AEL environment On remote sites, like those in Canada’s Far North, the cost of traditional remediation can be astronomical. Because these sites are often beyond the access of landfills, soil transport and disposal can make traditional “dig-and-dump” remediation too expensive to pursue. For this reason, AEL believes that remote sites are often...
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Remediation Approaches – In Situ Chemical Oxidation (ISCO), Part 1
Is ISCO a good choice for your site? Many contaminants and site conditions are difficult to treat with conventional remediation technologies such as soil vapor extraction, air sparging, bioremediation, or pump and treat. In addition, conventional technologies are often costly and time-consuming. For the past 15 years oxidation has become a common alternative for in...
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Remediation Approaches – In Situ Chemical Oxidation (ISCO), Part 2
When is ISCO a good fit for an environmentally impacted site? In situ chemical oxidation is not applicable to all contaminants or to all situations. Considerable research has been conducted and is continuing to determine the optimal contaminant–oxidant match. The application of in situ chemical oxidation is a step-wise procedure involving: Screening Bench ScaleTesting Pilot...
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AEL in the News – Resolute Bay, Nunavut
Recently, AEL completed a major abatement project in Canada’s Far North. A logistically challenging endeavour, AEL was proud to be part of a highly capable team to manage this work. The project was completed over 3 seasons due to the harsh climate of the region. The client, NAV CANADA, had this to say about AEL:...
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Overcoming Environmental Challenges At Distribution Sites
This article first appeared in Electricity Today Magazine. Since original source could not be located, we are unable to embed it here. Distribution Stations & What To Be Aware Of Distribution stations contain high voltage electrical environments that require a well-developed safety regime to address hazards including:  Specialized personal protective equipment Limits of approach Stray...
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