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Remediation Approach: Screening and On-Site Testing at Remote Sites
 On remote sites, like those in Canada’s Far North, the cost of traditional remediation can be astronomical. Because these sites are often beyond the access of landfills, soil transport and disposal can make traditional “dig-and-dump” remediation too expensive to pursue. For this reason, AEL believes that remote sites are often ideal locations for choosing alternative...
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Remedial Approach Selection – Giving a Thoughtful Evaluation of Strategies
Not every remedial approach will work on every site. Certainly not every remedial approach is ideally suited for every site. AEL takes a careful approach to evaluating and selecting remedial strategies that are matched to the client’s specific goals for the site. When a Phase II ESA finds impacts above the allowable limit on a...
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How To Keep Costs Down: Environmental Site Assessments in Ontario
For Ontario property owners, including individuals and companies, environmental due diligence is one of the most critical, key consideration, especially as the provincial government increases its stringent policies and regulations for Ontario environmental site assessments, as outlined under the Environmental Protection Act, O. Reg. 153/04: Records of Site Condition. Keeping Costs Down Without Jeopardizing Your...
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How Much Does An Environmental Site Assessment Cost?
The most common question we are asked regarding the Environmental Site Assessment process is: “How much will an ESA cost for my property?”. Phase 1 ESA Cost Breakdown: The Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) includes a review of available historical information for the site and surrounding area, the completion and analysis of a site...
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