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The AEL Advantage: How AEL Can Help with Asset Retirement Obligations (ARO)
Preparedness is crucial for public sector organizations managing their assets, but planning for their retirement has often been overlooked, leading to unnecessary costs and delays. The Asset Retirement Obligation (ARO) framework aims to help governments better prepare for and manage the financial implications of closing facilities. This includes public assets like school boards, municipalities, healthcare,...
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Decommissioning a Microwave Satellite Communication Station
Executive Summary AEL completed a Phase Two Environmental Site Assessment (ESA) and a full-depth, remedial excavation program at a remote, decommissioned microwave tower facility in Northern Ontario. The goal of the project was the restoration and return of the land leased to the client by the local First Nation community.  Prior investigation had identified soil...
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VOR Station Remediation
Executive Summary The goal of this project was to supplement data from a past investigation revealing soil contamination on an industrial site. Prior to our involvement, previous consultants had conducted initial remediation programs and discovered copper-impacted soil in excess of guidelines. We were later brought on board to further delineate contamination at the site and...
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Contaminated Site Spring Cleaning – Cost-Effective Remediation
Whether purchasing, selling, or refinancing a property, environmental contamination in soil, groundwater, or even indoor air may seem like a daunting and costly roadblock to achieving your goals. If you are like many individuals who feel “stuck” with a contaminated site, you most likely will have found remediation options to be cost-prohibitive to the extent...
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Innovations in Environmental Site Remediation Over the Past 25 Years
Over the past 25 years, there have been a considerable number of environmental innovations  in environmental site remediation. These progressive changes are reflected in the adaptations of applicable regulatory standards and industry best practices. What was once deemed acceptable procedure at the turn of the century is not necessarily in the best interests of the...
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What Is Brownfield Redevelopment and How Can it Lead to Investment Opportunities?
When it comes to redevelopment, brownfield properties can lead to significant investment opportunities. The term ‘brownfield(s)’ refers to a former commercial or industrial site that is contaminated. While urban areas remain filled with empty buildings and abandoned land, there is always a rising demand for available commercial and industrial properties. This has created a growing...
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