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Clean Fill Stockpile Sampling
AEL environment is routinely tasked with finding clean fill for our existing projects. While fill dumps and transfer stations exist, standards developed by the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change (MOECC) require that soil transferred from one site to another must meet the receiving Site standards to be considered acceptable “clean” fill. In May...
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What Are Environmental Studies Courses Teaching?
At AEL Environment we constantly look to growing and expanding our knowledge and expertise. That’s why we are interested in the experiences of students pursuing a career related to Environmental Studies – after all, they may someday become our colleagues. We invite you to check out these articles that discuss trends pertaining to Environmental Studies. ...
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How To Find an Environmental Engineering Firm in Ontario
Do you need an Environmental Engineering Firm in Ontario? For people in Ontario who own property, an environmental engineer or environmental consultant can be a great resource. They’re the best source of information and assistance when managing challenging environmental issues that arise on your site. Why You May Need An Environmental Engineer or Consultant If...
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The Importance of Clean Fill Management
AEL continues to engage in Ontario’s conversations about fill management. We believe it is an important thing to consider and has a significant impact on stakeholders. The following is an excerpt from an RCCAO response to an MOE stakeholders session on this topic. “From time to time we hear of distressing situations where a BMP...
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